Storm Disc Golf was created as a way to marry the family I love with the sport I love. I started off moving from job to job, never really feeling at home and always wishing I was out on the course. After taking some years learning the sport inside and out, gaining knowledge by traveling to some of the greatest events in the world I knew I wanted Disc Golf to be the last thing I ever did. Knowing I’d never make it by becoming a touring pro, I figured the next best way to make this crazy dream a reality was by opening my own disc golf company.

With the help of my loving wife and father, I bought a 3D printer and learned how to operate CAD software to create my first prototypes. From a guy that could barely navigate through his cell phone, this was extremely tough for me. After many failed attempts and many bad situations with manufacturers, we reached out to Gateway Disc Sports for help. They welcomed us in with open arms. With their assistance, we quickly became a retailer for Gateway products simultaneously perfecting a new disc lineup for Storm. With so much help and love from our great community, we had our first soft launch on July 14th, 2018.

It has been a blessing that we started in a great city like Lubbock, Texas. Everyone around here is one big family and would drop anything to help out another in need. We strive every day to bring that same loyalty and compassion to our customers.

 We believe the greatest feeling in disc golf isn’t getting that big win at a tournament or hitting that big ace, it’s being able to meet new people that you know will be friends for a lifetime.